All About Downloads:

iPad Users: Our products will work on your iPad. You need to download them first to your computer, then sync the files (audio or video) with the iPad or iPhone. 

Android users: Each device is unique, but I've been told our videos work with Galaxy and LG devices. The audio files should be playable by anything that plays MP3s. Again, you may need to download the files to a computer, then transfer to your device, as many phones/tablets can't download files directly.  


What format are the videos?

KJV Songs videos are in the format used by the iTunes store: MPEG-4 (the file extension is .m4v). They come in a Zip file, which should Unzip automatically. (If it doesn't, here's a little info about Unzipping.)

What program should I play them with? 

Some good choices include iTunes and VLC. Both are free.  

Can I download the files directly to my iPad or iPhone?

No. These are video files, not Apps. To get them into your device, first add them to iTunes. Then connect the device and select the file(s) you want to sync. 

What format are the audio files? 

Good old MP3. Unprotected, high-quality. They play on your computer and just about all portable devices.