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I’m Michael Rachap, creator of Readeez.

Something I learned the hard way when my daughter was young: Kids hate boring phonics videos. So naturally they tend to tune them out. And, sadly, they miss a golden opportunity to gain reading skills.

That’s why parents are so happy when they discover Readeez.

How are Readeez different? 

1. They’re genuinely entertaining. Kids love the original songs and characters in Readeez. They enjoy watching—and the more they watch, the more they learn. 

2. In Readeez, words are the stars. Text is the dominant element onscreen. Big, clear text. In fact, Readeez are more like books than they are like other videos.

3. Readeez use SyllableSync.™ With this breakthrough technique, kids both see and hear, simultaneously, each syllable of each word.

What is “Stealth Phonics?” First let’s see what it isn’t. Imagine a video that focuses on the sounds letters make. An example of this “explicit” phonics teaching would have a character say

     “C” makes the sound “kuh” as in “Cat”

...which is true—except when it isn’t. As in the word cent.

And even in those cases where it is true, it’s not interesting to kids.

Trying to teach “rules” of English pronunciation involves so many exceptions and variations that the result for most young viewers is confusion


A different approach—the Readeez approach—is to make phonics instruction continuous and implicit.

In the video below, the word “circle” appears seventeen times. Each time, the word’s two distinct syllables are pronounced at the exact instant they appear onscreen. (I call this SyllableSync.™)

So every time the word circle occurs, your child learns these facts:

     In the context of the word circle, “c-i-r” is pronounced “sir" and “c-l-e” is pronounced “kul.”

And guess what: Kids learn similar facts about the words andsquarepair, plus hundreds of others.

Of course, if Readeez were just dull repetitions of facts, no one would watch. Which is why Readeez use the irresistible appeal of music.

The songs are so catchy, one well-known reviewer described them as “Poptacular...worthy of classic Sesame Street.”

Here’s a taste: 

That’s from the award-winning Readeez Volume One collection (available both as a physical DVD and as an instant download that plays on your computer, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or AppleTV). 

And here are a couple of samples from Readeez Volume Two:

Sight words. Math. And more.
As you can see, Readeez teach more than just phonetic reading. Take “Counting For Pleasure:” The words one and two don’t follow phonetic conventions. They’re what’s known as sight words, and English has hundreds of others.

Your kids will learn how to spell and pronounce tons of important sight words with Readeez. Best of all, they’ll enjoy doing it!

And because Readeez aren’t constrained to the (boring) topic “Sounds Letters Make,” they can be about anything. So there are Readeez songs and videos about math, science, time-telling, coin-counting, weather and other kid-friendly topics.

Prepare yourself—the price will shock you.

Not because it’s hundreds of dollars. Or even $99.99.

I want all children to benefit from the advances made possible by Readeez.

I don’t believe in running expensive ad campaigns that inflate prices. And I don’t believe in claiming you’ll pay one price, then later revealing that the true price is much higher. (“Four easy payments?” Easy for whom?)

Nope. I’m a parent on a budget. And I’m on your side.

So here’s my offer to you: 

Order the three Readeez DVDs and our 28-song CD, Songeez, packaged together in the Grand Slam Bundle, for just $48 plus shipping.

For an even better deal, get all four products instantly (plus two others) as Omneez digital downloads for only $29.99. They play on your PC, Mac, laptop, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or AppleTV.

I know you and your kids will love Readeez. But just in case you don’t, I provide a 25-year money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the products, email me directly and I’ll return your money.

OK? Great! Now it’s time to choose your bundle: physical or digital. Or maybe both!

Readeez Digital 2.0 Bundle

Our top seller. Digital versions of all our products (except Bible Readeez). This comprehensive collection includes 90 original songs—all with Readeez' ingenious SyllableSync approach—plus poems, stories and more. More than 2.5 hours of entertaining, educational content. You get download links instantly. For physical products (DVDs and CDs), check out the Grand Slam Bundle and Mega Bundle

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Readeez Grand Slam Bundle

Three DVDs (Readeez Volumes 1, 2 and 3), plus the deluxe 28-song Songeez CD package with 32-page color lyrics insert. Save 20%—and save on shipping. 

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Readeez Mega Bundle

With this bundle you get everything we make, physical and digital (except Bible Readeez). That's 90 original songs—all using Readeez' ingenious SyllableSync technique, plus stories, poems and more. You’ll receive links to your downloads within 24 hours, and your DVDs and CD ship the next day. Read all about it here

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Michael Rachap
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