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"Mr. Rachap is one hell of a songwriter...I'm really in love with this CD!"  Out With The

"Full of tunes that Paul McCartney, Elton John, Ben Folds, and Eric Carmen would die for...some of the best kids' music of 2010." (★★★★★)

"The songs aren’t just clever — they can be really touching, too."

"I have a soft spot for the goofy ones—the brilliant, anarchic "Boomba Boom" and "The Duck Song"—but the slightly more conventional songs are good too—"Watermelon," perhaps, and "Chandelier."

     But hey, enough yakkin'—let's listen:

And that's just three of the CD's twenty-eight tracks!

A special benefit of owning the Songeez CD is the 32-page booklet inside. The colorful pages present the lyrics to all the songs, in big, clear type, adorned with Gerry O'Neill's irresistible illustrations. This lets kids read along (or "pre-read," as the case may be), reinforcing the decoding skills they gain from watching Readeez videos. Have a peek (click to enlarge):

Critic Jeff Giles says, "My favorite part of Readeez is the music—partly because of Rachap’s songwriting, and partly because “Julian and Isabel” have just about the most adorable interplay you’ve ever heard. So while I’m excited about Readeez Volume Two, I’m even happier about Songeez."

Here's a look at the back cover, including a listing of all 28 songs. Click for a close-up view:

According to Out With The Kids, "Rachap's masterful composition skills allow the songs to stand alone, making them equally as entertaining with or without video accompaniment."

Songeez Deluxe CD With 32-Page Booklet

This twenty-eight song CD includes a full-color 32-page booklet. Songs include Make It Up The MountainCircle And SquareSandy Beach, The Duck Song and many other favorites. 

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Songeez MP3 Collection Download

Twenty-eight songs in high-quality MP3 format, plus a full-color 32-page PDF booklet. Songs include Make It Up The MountainCircle And SquareSandy Beach, The Duck Song and many other favorites. 

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