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“If you enjoyed the first batch, you’ll be pleased to know that Volume Two is even better.”

“Readeez are just like the people they’re intended for—short, sweet, charming and, sometimes, a little goofy...Readeez Volume Two is a treat to watch.”  Out With The

“Simply sensational. If I could give it more than five stars, I would.” Reviewer

“They’re short songs (for short attention spans) but kids can also see the words, syllable by syllable, which helps them to read!”  Susan Heim on Parenting

Following on the heels of the award-winning Volume One DVD, it’s an all-new collection from The Readeez Company. Here are a few of the more than 30 segments you'll enjoy on Readeez Volume Two:

Interwoven among nearly two dozen original songs is the gentle, heartwarming story of Julian and Isabel Waters going on an expedition to climb to the top of Mount Wayupthere. More than just a learning tool, Readeez Volume Two really is fun for the whole family.

Like everything sold by The Readeez Company, it comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee. Enjoy!

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Readeez Volume Two DVD
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