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Readeez Volume One Cover

“A great kids’ DVD.”

“A breakthrough edutainment product.”  Los Angeles Family Magazine

“Creator Michael Rachap has crafted a new media tool that serves as an interactive aid for young readers and pre-readers alike.”  Out With The

“Catchy tunes, fun animation, and a warm, loving relationship between a father and daughter make this a real delight.” Mr.

“My children love it. If you have a child that is struggling with reading, this could help you a lot.” Autism Learning

“Poptacular. Worthy of classic Sesame Street.” Kids Music That Rocks 

Here are a few of the more than 30 segments you'll enjoy on Readeez Volume One

If you’re looking for something delightfully different for young kids (especially those six and under)—something both entertaining AND educational—give Readeez Volume One a try.

Like everything sold by The Readeez Company, it comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee. Enjoy!

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Readeez Volume One DVD

Contains some of the best songs I’ve written, including Circle and Square, Sandy Beach and How ’Bout That Cow. Runtime: 38:40.

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