Wow: Twenty Readeez faves for just $9.99.


It's our, like, Greatest Hits! Nearly 30 minutes of video edutainment, including the 10 original songs above plus 10 more.

Here they are, folks: Twenty of the finest, popular-est, teaching-est tunes we've produced in the past five years. Assembled in one magical 90MB video to enjoy on your computer, iPad, iPhone and AppleTV. 


Faves from all three DVDs, plus the Nursery Rhymes and Money Math Collections. I know: If only you'd had these when you were little.

Here's what-all you get: 

1. Love's Enough

2. How 'Bout That Cow

3. Penny You're The One

4. You Have A Heart

5. Boomba Boom

6. Circle and Square

7. Little Song

8. Isabel's Alphabet

9. Catch With Anything

10. Counting For Pleasure

11. The Duck Song

12. A Bunch Of Months

13. Big In Mind

14. Red Yellow Blue

15. Modes of Transportation

16. London Bridge

17. Sandy Beach

18. Meet The Clock

19. Something You Haven't Seen

20. Tonight And Every Night 

Oh—and the price is preposterously low.

These are the ones kids ask for over and over. If you've bought a Readeez bundle in the past, you may have some or all of these songs—but not in one place.

And if you don't own any Readeez (gasp!), this is the one to get

Makes a great gift, too.

But wait, there's more. (I've always wanted to say that.) For a limited time, I'm also including MP3s of all 20 songs.  

These are the very best versions available of all of these songs. In many cases the audio and video have been remastered. 

The format is our new Readeez Digital 2.0 that features Graphic Chapter Access for easy navigation to your faves. (Or your child's.) 

Don't postpone the joy another minute…order now.