The classics have never looked (or sounded) this good.

Meet your new favorite versions of London Bridge, The ABC Song, Mary Had a Little Lamb, The Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle and more than a dozen others.  

No more choirs of off-key children, chintzy synth renditions or embarrassingly soulful readings of simple, traditional songs. 

This is clean, well-produced, listenable stuff: classic children's songs and beloved nursery rhymes that have stood the test of time. The crisp, clear sound will help your child learn the melodies as they were meant to be sung.

Best of all (if you know Readeez you'll know where I'm going here), each track has a video, bringing the song or rhyme to life with charming illustrations and photos. Even better, the words appear on the screen, syllable by syllable, big and clear, right as they're being sung. It's as though the program is reading aloud to you. 

Actually, that's exactly what's happening. 

Though I've made some of the videos in this collection available on YouTube, and here at, you'll want to purchase the digital download for yourself. That's because you'll get all 28:37 of the program continuously (so you can take a shower once in a while—yeah, we know your tricks!). And the chapter breaks mean you can instantly navigate to your favorites. You can read all about our supercool Omneez format here

You'll also get a beautiful, 50-page full-color E-book featuring the lyrics to the songs and poems. Great for reading practice! Plus, you get a full set of 20 MP3s—all the songs and poems in the video program. 

Imagine having a handy supply of Readeez Nursery Rhyme videos (each about a minute long) on your computer and your smartphone, as a reward for getting ready for preschool on time, or using the potty, or eating three more bites of green beans. Imagine having the large-type E-book printed to take with you while listening to MP3s in the car. Imagine learning, finally, all the verses to London Bridge besides just the first one, so you can sing it in the bath, on a walk, before bed.

Nursery Rhymes are deeply embedded in our cultural heritage. You'll appreciate having The Readeez Nursery Rhyme Collection embedded within your family life: You'll be singing, learning, reading together.

Bonus: This collection contains the Readeez version of the beloved children's classic "A Visit From Saint Nicholas" ('Twas The Night Before Christmas). It's a magical, musical, heartwarming story your kids are bound to fall in love with. 

What's included? Take a look:


Contains previously released material. Some of these segments are included in our Readeez Volume One and Readeez Volume Three collections. More than 75% of the content is new, not for sale anywhere else.

So, ready to grab your 28-minute instant-download video, 50-page E-book and 20-MP3 collection? Good for you! And good for your family. 

Head to the Readeez Store now! 

Thanks for for buying from the Readeez Company. If you're not happy with your purchase for any reason, you have my unconditional money-back guarantee. 

Happy singing!

iPad/iPhone Users: Our products WILL WORK on your iPad. Just download them first to your computer, then sync the files (audio or video) with the device. Details are in the Download FAQ.