Introducing...The Readeez Mega Bundle!

3 DVDs + 1 CD + 4 Downloads + 2 digital bundles: THAT’S Mega. Whew! There’s a lot of stuff in this one, so let’s get right to it. You get:

1.Readeez Volume One DVD and Omneez Digital Download

2.Readeez Volume Two DVD and Omneez Digital Download

3.Readeez Volume Three DVD and Omneez Digital Download

4.Songeez CD/Booklet and MP3/PDF Digital Download

5.Readeez Nursery Rhyme Collection Digital Download (Video+MP3+PDF)

6.Readeez Money Math Folderful Digital Download (Video+MP3+PDF)

Purchased separately, these products would run you just over $120.00, but I’m pricing this at just $59.99, so you’ll save more than 50%.

It’s the best offer I’ve ever made.

And you have my absolute, unconditional money-back guarantee of satisfaction.

So place your order now. Just click the “Add to Cart” button and you’re nearly done. Thanks! 

NOTE: The Mega Bundle does not include any Bible Readeez products. 

Questions? Write me! michael[at]

Readeez Mega Bundle
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