All About Downloads:

iPad Users: Our products WILL WORK on your iPad. Just download them first to your computer, then sync the files (audio or video) with the iPad (or iPhone). 

Android users: Each device is unique, but I've been told our videos work with the Galaxy Note 4, and may work with other devices. I recommend you try the free sample download in the next paragraph. 


If you're curious about Readeez video downloads, the best thing to do is try our free demo. Click this link to download a 13MB Video Sampler (to your computer, not your mobile device). You can open it with iTunes, QuickTime Player, VLC, or (possibly) Windows Media Player.

For more details, read on.

What format are the videos?

Readeez videos are in the format used by Apple's iTunes store: MPEG-4 (the file extension is .m4v). They come in a Zip file, which should Unzip automatically. (If it doesn't, here's a little info about Unzipping.)

What program should I play them with? 

Some good choices are iTunes, QuickTime Player and VLC. All free. VLC is most likely the smallest download of the three. 

Can I play them with Windows Media Player?

Maybe. Some recent versions support this format. 

Will the downloads play on my (insert device here)?

We can't make guarantees for every device. But the best evidence indicates that these videos should play on the iPad, the iPhone, iPod Touch and AppleTV. Older-model video iPods may not work. Best advice: Try the free download first. Then you'll know.

Can I download the files directly to my iPad or iPhone?

NO. These are video files, not Apps. To get them into your iDevice, first add them to iTunes. Then connect the Device and select the Readeez file(s) you want to sync. 

What format are the audio files? 

Good old MP3. Unprotected, high-quality. They play on your computer and just about all portable devices.

Thanks for reading!


Michael Rachap
Founding Father
The Readeez Company