Be a Readeez Beta Tester!

• Get all the Readeez on all your devices
• Get the new Readeez first
• Help shape the future of Readeez
• Get Preferred/VIP/Platinum/Sapphire-type Status or Whatever
• Get other benefits I haven’t thought of

Details after this awesome graphic:

Vimeo Thumnail 3.0 PLAIN.jpg

Good news, Everyone!  After much work and a significant amount of wandering aimlessly I’ve created a new, better way for your kids to enjoy Readeez, in exactly the combinations, locations and amounts you choose.

Meet The Readeez Channel. Playing wherever you like, whenever you like. Even if you're offline. 

Gone are the days of downloading .m4v files and trying to sync them with your mobile device. Now you can access every Readee your kids love on your PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, and more. 

How is this possible? 

After years of wishing there were a Readeez App, I found something better: Vimeo On Demand. It’s a superbly implemented new service that lets video creators sell directly to fans. 

I want Readeez 3.0 to be the best it can before I start selling—which is where you come in. As a Readeez Beta Tester you’ll create a Vimeo account (you may already have one), then go to a URL I’ll provide that will give you Readeez 3.0 for free (instead of $29). 

After that…enjoy! There are currently over 50 individual songs, plus Readeez Volume Two, uploaded into the series. My goal is to have every song, plus a dozen or so “Episodes” (combinations of songs) loaded by the end of October. 

One of your jobs as Beta tester: Tell me what’s missing!  

I’m also open to ideas for Episodes — groups of Readeez that work well together in 5-, 10- or 20-minute shows. Think about how you’d use Readeez as a reward (or distraction). Example: which 3 songs would be perfect as a post-bathtime treat? 

Your Readeez keep getting more valuable. 

If you purchased the Readeez 2.0 Bundle or Mega Bundle, you’ll be getting Readeez 3.0 free. If you’ve purchased anything else from Readeez, ever, you can upgrade to Readeez 3.0 at half price. 

One of the great things about Vimeo is I can keep improving the files you already own. Plus I’ll be adding extras (like embedded music instruction) which you’ll also get as a Readeez 3.0 owner.

Are you in?  

I’d really appreciate it if you'd do me the favor of being a Readeez beta tester. Beta testing is fun — it’s playing with unreleased software, looking for bugs and reporting on your experience. Not a big time commitment, and I’ll be looking for feedback toward the end of October.  

There will be a survey at some point to solicit your reactions in a format I’ll be able to aggregate with others’ thoughts. The easiest way to have your voice heard? Email me:

If you want to sign up (and get access now to all the Readeez on all your devices) email me with Beta in your Subject line. I'm limited to 100 testers by Vimeo, so if you're interested, let me know soon.

Questions or comments? Email me.