“A great kids’ DVD.” 

Adventures in Library-Land
"This is a great video series...it is like the video is really a story being read aloud to your child." 

A Family Runs Through It
"Toddlers and preschoolers will love Readeez for its friendly characters, catchy songs, and fun format. And parents will love having one more resource for growing eager young readers."


ALA Booklist
"A technique known as “SyllableSync” allows kids to “see and hear each syllable of each word simultaneously...This excellent, economically priced program is suggested for public library and school collections."

A Woman, A Mom, A Lover
"The DVD is just amazing and we're enjoying it...even my eldest daughter giggled and had fun with it. It combines catchy songs, funny lines and unique ideas...and it doesn't feel like a reading programme." 

Autism Learning Felt
"My children love it. If you have a child that is struggling with reading, this could help you a lot."

Blissfully Domestic
"Adorable. A treat to watch." 

"A must-have product for any household that is teaching a child to read."


Cool Mom Picks
"Creator Michael Rachap's original songs are outstanding little child-friendly pop masterpieces. They aren't accompanied my frenetic animation, but simple, book-like illustrations of the primary characters, Julian and Isabel Waters, and whatever they are singing about, be it cows, buses, or the beach." 

Cool Mom Tech
"What makes the Readeez system so nifty is the trifecta of clever, fun-to-listen-to songs, crisp animation and a cool technique called SyllableSync. Instead of having the words appear on screen as in closed captioning, Readeez words appear syllable-by-syllable as they are sung, something that must take Readeez creator Michael Rachap hours and hours to get so perfectly right."  


"The perfect blend of educational content and entertaining, heartwarming escapism -- the kind of thing you can legitimately feel good about your children watching." 

"My 6-year-old son, who already is reading at a level beyond half the adults in this nation, loves it anyway." 

"Unique, kid-friendly and effective." 

Gooney Bird Kids
"I love the simple, clean-lined graphics and the words that appear as they are spoken. We look forward to seeing more from Readeez!" 

Gruntlings.com (5-Star Review)
"Readeez feels like the perfect logical step from The Electric Company...I can't see any kid not liking this DVD!" 

Have Fun At The Movies (4-Popcorn Review - Highest Rating)
"A very impressive reading aid debut for children. HFATM highly recommends this video for families interested in furthering their children's reading skills." 

Kids Music That Rocks
"Poptacular. Worthy of classic Sesame Street."

Los Angeles Family Magazine (2008 Family Choice Award Winner)
"A breakthrough edutainment product." 

Media Macaroni
"Animated text is front and center in the charming Readeez videos...the songs are terrifically catchy." 

Mogul Baby
"For learning to read, it's really good." 

Mr. Dad (2008 Seal of Approval) 
"Catchy tunes, fun animation, and a warm, loving relationship between a father and daughter make this a real delight. Encourages dad and child to snuggle up on the couch and laugh together."

Out With The Kids
"Creator Michael Rachap has crafted a new media tool that serves as an interactive aid for young readers and pre-readers alike."


Parenting Magazine
"Packed with colorful images and interesting concepts." 


Pioneer Woman
"Not only do my kids love them, I actually love them too...the songs and videos are entertaining without being overstimulating...I’ve already seen a translation from the knowledge learned in the song to real life." 


School Library Journal
"There's a lot of silliness built into these short song. There is also a lot of learning going on, in addition to the read-along words featured in each number.... This creative production offers an exceptional, fun learning experience."