Imagine: guilt-free screen time. With Readeez it’s possible—because kids learn with every syllable.

Readeez videos and music are fantastic content for your family’s iPad. An App might keep your little one amused for 15 or 20 minutes—maybe half an hour. But you have to wonder: Are they learning anything worthwhile?

With the Readeez Digital 2.0 Bundle (details below) you get more than two and a half hours of joyous, edutaining videos, packed with over 75 delightful songs

It’s content they'll enjoy, and benefit from, again and again.

Plus, Apps only work on your mobile device. But what about your laptop? Your home computer? Your TV? Your MP3 player? Readeez are made to go wherever you go.

Imagine: Guilt-free screen time. 

As parents, we’ve all been there: Wanting to give our children an entertaining treat—and maybe give ourselves 5 minutes’ peace—but not feeling good about any of the options at hand.

Readeez are the answer: Sweet, enjoyable, musical, not too fast-paced—with reading instruction built into every syllable. Plus math, science, grammar, manners and more.


Like nothing you’ve seen...or heard.

Readeez are not ordinary videos. The main element onscreen is text—large, clear, easily readable text. Moreover, every word you see is presented in perfect sync with the words you hear. So your child's brain instantly makes the connection. 

We call it SyllableSync™—a technique pioneered by Readeez.

The amazing power of music.

Educators agree: Nothing teaches like songs. (Just ask yourself how you learned your ABCs.) And the music in Readeez is simply sensational. Top-notch recordings from some of America’s best songwriters.

After just a few viewings, your kids will have the tunes and the words memorized—and be asking to hear their faves again. 

Your child, in charge.

Readeez bring a new level of interactivity to children’s video. A programming breakthrough called “Graphic Chapter Access” means that even small children—those too young to read—can navigate to their faves, on your iPad or iPhone, on your computer, and on our award-winning DVDs. 

Got a favorite Readee? Watch it instantly. (Click to zoom.)

Time for a sneak peek.

If you’re curious what Readeez are like, here are just three examples, from more than 120 segments you’ll get in the Readeez Digital 2.0 Bundle:

Time For Action!

Okay, here’s the part where I tell you how easy it is to own a ton of great Readeez videos, how much dough you’ll save, and how it’s all risk-free (really!) with our unconditional money-back guarantee.

The Readeez Digital 2.0 Bundle includes

  • 3 complete digital videos (Readeez Volumes 1, 2 & 3), each about 40 minutes long, optimized for iPad, iPhone, computer and AppleTV
  • 28-song Songeez audio download with 32-page color Ebook
  • Readeez Nursery Rhyme Bundle (28-minute video, 20 MP3s, color Ebook)
  • Readeez Money Math Folderful (7-minute video, 5 MP3s, color Ebook)

The Readeez Mega Bundle includes

  • Everything listed above, plus 3 physical DVDs (Readeez Volumes 1, 2 & 3) and the Songeez CD with 32-page color booklet 

Both deals give you big-time savings: The Readeez Digital 2.0 Bundle goes for $29.99 and would cost you $60.86 if purchased separately. The Mega Bundle (our most popular option) is $59.99 and contains $120.86 worth of products.

Now, the Guarantee: 100% of your money back if you’re not satisfied for any reason, for 25 years.

I’m not kidding. I want you to be happy.

So: With a full refund available if you’re not delighted, this amounts to a risk-free offer.

Give your child something new, different, musical, joyous and wonderful.

Give them Readeez. 

Questions about downloads? Check the FAQ

Other questions? Ask me: michael[at]

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