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These songs and videos have been enjoyed more than 3,000,000 times. There's a DVD/CD set as well as digital versions.  

NOTE: You can't download directly to a phone or tablet. Download to your computer, than add to the device. Details in the Download FAQ. If you're looking for the Readeez Books of the Bible Song, it's below. 

Books of the Bible Video and MP3s

The original video, plus the MP3 of the song, plus the instrumental (karaoke) version. 

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Bible Readeez Deluxe DVD/CD Set

The Bible Readeez DVD/CD Set autographed by creator Michael Rachap, plus the 17-track MP3 collection with bonus readings, plus the digital video.

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Bible Readeez DVD/CD Set

The Word. Set to music.  

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Digital Downloads:

Bible Readeez MP3 Collection

The Word, as you've never heard it before. Beautiful new melodies from songwriter (and Readeez creator) Michael Rachap. Plus bonus readings of each text. 

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Bible Readeez Digital Video

It's a collection like no other: Word-for-word texts of beloved scripture passages, set in gorgeous new melodies by songwriter Michael Rachap. 

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Our Father (Lord's Prayer Song) MP3

One of the most popular Readeez songs. You get a high-quality, unprotected MP3 that plays on your computer and anything else that plays MP3s.

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More than 3,000 years in the making, Bible Readeez combines the timeless poetry and spiritual truths of the Old and New Testaments with unforgettable music—in a one-of-a-kind package that deserves a place in your family's media library.

     Classic inspiration like Psalm 23, The Beatitudes, the Lord's Prayer and more come vibrantly to life in this new music and video set.

     The songs run the gamut from pop to rock, country to gospel. And the videos all take advantage of our pioneering SyllableSync™ technique. So kids actually gain reading skills while they watch.

     The Readings are clear, spoken recitations of the Scripture passages (also presented in the videos with the SyllableSync™ technique). And the DVD includes “singalong” versions as well, with the words onscreen but the lead vocal omitted.